Berliners save energy as a game – EU project starts registration for players

Starting immediately, Berlin households can register for the DOMINO Challenge energy-saving game, an EU-wide competition starting on 15 June 2017. DOMINO should help consumers reduce their energy consumption by changing their behaviour and using the newest technology.


Heavy blanket instead of a hot heater? Lights out, candle on? Real energy-saving professionals know: You don’t always have to go to such lengths to save energy properly. Rather, they keep their consumption in check with modern technology: intelligent outlets with integrated measurement technology – so-called smart plugs – help with detecting energy drainers in the home, using electrical appliances more conscientiously, or to change them out completely. That isn’t only good for your wallet, but also for the planet. In the European Union, households are responsible for about 30 percent of overall electricity consumption. However, few consumers are already aware of the enormous savings potential that their household appliances can offer.

Registration starts on 20 April  

Registration for the new energy-saving game DOMINO Challenge is possible from 20 April to 31 May. The EU project is intended to increase awareness of energy saving among more people in Europe, by showing them the possibilities offered by modern technology. A total of 4,000 private households from Berlin, Brussels, and Naples will be competing to save energy within the DOMINO Challenge. Registration for the game for Berliners is only possible online: Participation is open to people over 18 living in Berlin and in possession of an internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.  Participation in the DOMINO Challenge is free of charge.

Berlin teams can win double

DOMINO is a team game: The players compete in teams consisting of five households. A total of 4,000 households (around 1,300 from Berlin) in the three cities will participate for nearly a year and a half and save energy together. The most important game pieces are six smart plugs that measure the consumption of individual household appliances directly at the electrical outlet, and a mobile app for smartphones. Using the app, participants can follow their electricity consumption in real time and will automatically receive customised energy-saving tips for each appliance after a 4-week observation period. The individual team members play one after the other, passing the smart plugs along to the next household every three months. The first round of play begins on 15 June. In an accompanying Facebook group, the players can share successful energy-saving tricks with each other and discuss their experience with the smart home technology.

As a prize, all participating teams save between 5% and 25% of their electricity costs, and receive vouchers worth 500 euros to be redeemed, for example, when buying new and highly efficient household appliances. Each winning household can thus win a voucher worth € 100.

Background on the DOMINO Project

DOMINO is an EU project within the framework of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, receiving its funding from the European Commission. The goal of the DOMINO Challenge is to promote awareness of private electricity consumption and, at the same time, to spread knowledge of simple yet effective energy-saving measures that contribute to increased energy efficiency and real savings for households. Alongside the direct influence on the energy consumption patterns of the participating households, DOMINO will also generate research data. This data will be evaluated after the energy-saving game comes to an end, with recommendations for action to be passed along to politicians and policy-makers.

The Berlin think tank adelphi is responsible for the organisation of the game and the analysis of the research within Germany.