Berliners save energy with smart-plug technology game—second round has begun

Berlin households have until 23 October 2017 to register for the DOMINO Challenge. The EU project helps consumers reduce their energy consumption by changing their behaviour and using the latest technology.


Last July, the Energy-Saving Game started with 282 households in Berlin. A parallel project is also running in Brussels and Naples. Players are now being recruited for the second round that will run from October to December.

Register for the second round by October 22nd

DOMINO is designed to help consumers reduce their energy consumption by providing smart-plug technology free of charge for three months each. Through the app, users receive not only detailed information on the energy consumption of selected household appliances, but also tailored recommendations for changing behaviours and reducing energy consumption and a detailed overview of achieved energy and cost savings.

Registration for participation in the second round of the DOMINO Challenge is possible until 22 October. The EU project is intended to raise awareness of more people in Europe about saving energy and to demonstrate the possibilities of modern technology.

A total of 4,000 private households from Berlin, Brussels and Naples are saving money with the DOMINO Challenge. Online registration is available for Berlin citizens only here:

Anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Berlin and has an internet-enabled smartphone or tablet can participate. Participation in the DOMINO Challenge is free.

Berlin teams can win double

DOMINO is a team game: the players compete in teams of five households against each other. A total of 4,000 households in the three cities (about 1,300 in Berlin) will be able to save energy together for almost one and a half years.

Key game tools include six smart plugs, which measure each household appliances’ consumption directly in the socket, and a mobile app for smartphones. Through the app, the participants track electricity consumption in real time and automatically receive tailor-made energy saving tips for their respective devices after a four-week observation period.

The individual team members play one after another, passing the smart plugs from one household to the next every three months. In an accompanying Facebook group, players will be able to share their successful energy savings tricks and experiences with the smart home technology.

As a reward, all participating teams save between five and 25 per cent of their electricity costs as well as receive vouchers worth 500€ (each winning household can thus win a voucher worth 100€), which can be redeemed to purchase new and highly efficient household appliances, for example.

Background of the DOMINO project

DOMINO is an EU project under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and is funded by the European Commission. The aim of the DOMINO Challenge is to promote awareness of private electricity consumption and at the same time spread knowledge about simple yet effective energy-saving measures which contribute to greater energy efficiency and real savings in the household. In addition to direct influence on the energy consumption behaviours of participating households, the DOMINO Challenge will also generate research data. These will be evaluated after the end of the game and passed on as policy recommendations. Game organisation and analysis of the resulting data in Germany will be carried out by the Berlin think tank adelphi.