Briggs joins adelphi team

Since middle of July Dr. Chad Briggs supports the adelphi team as a Senior Associate. His work focuses on security and stability risks from energy and environmental conditions.


Briggs came to adelphi after working as Senior Advisor for the US Department of Energy, where he led a team that developed foresight and scenario methods for climate security to military and government leaders. In this capacity he advised key decision-makers in the US, Europe and Australia, and was part of a core team that established protocols for strategic environmental foresight and intelligence work at the global level.

Briggs has conducted fieldwork on post-conflict reconstruction and environmental health issues in Balkan states, identifying both risk assessment and monitoring for fragile regions. This research also encompassed regions that combined conflict and disaster risks, such as Sri Lanka and the Palestinian Territories. He also worked with water agencies and ministries in Eastern Europe and the Western United States, covering issues such as European Union accession and regulation, while the US advising on water quality and risk where security operations were involved (eg perchlorate).

He also has worked as a university professor since 2002 in the United States, including positions as Fulbright Professor at Corvinus University in Budapest and with the German-American Fulbright Commission in Berlin. He has also taught at universities in Ireland, Canada, and the UK, covering subjects from European history and sociology to environmental security and hydrogeology. Dr. Briggs holds a PhD in political science from Carleton University in Canada. He also previously worked with the US Department of Commerce, USAID and the Wisconsin state government.