CarbonExpo: adelphi presents results of analysis of the German voluntary carbon market

At the world’s leading trade fair and conference for emissions trading, adelphi unveiled the results for 2012-13 from an analysis of voluntary offsetting of greenhouse gases within Germany on 30 May 2014. The study was carried out with sustainable on behalf of the German Emission Trading Authority.


At a side event of the fair, organized by UPM and sustainable, entitled "Analysis of the Voluntary Carbon Market in Germany – Opportunities and constraints for CDM project developers", Stephan Wolters, lead author of the market analysis and adelphi project manager, presented demand side results at the CarbonExpo in Cologne.

Ever more companies are offering green, climate-neutral products or are shifting their entire operations to climate neutrality. At the same time, the number of service providers in offsetting and neutralisation of greenhouse gasses and the number of suppliers of climate-friendly products have increased markedly within recent years. The study thus questioned which opportunities and challenges for project developers in the private sector have emerged from these increases.

Focus question: What are the reactions of market participants in Germany?

Furthermore, it is clear that suitable recognition procedures have been missing up until this point, as have been binding regulations for voluntary offsetting measures. The consequences of this have been stark discrepancies in quality standards within the industry as well as a lack of transparency in this market sector, all of which adversely impacts the end consumer. Against this backdrop, the authors have furthered their investigations into the reactions of market participants to the current situation.

From 2012 to 2013, adelphi, jointly with sustainable AG, carried out a comprehensive analysis of the German market for voluntary compensation of greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of the German Emissions Trading Office (DEHSt) at the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). This study intends to verify the findings of a preliminary analysis carried out in 2010 and analyse the current conditions. Shortly, the entire market analysis will be published on the website of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).