Climate change threatens MENA region

Current predictions expect the Middle East and Northern Africa region (MENA) to suffer above-average impacts from climate change in turn creating additional pressure on water resources.


Already today an increase in extreme weather conditions such as droughts and floods as well as changing rainfall patterns can be observed. Therefore, scarce water resources are likely to be further affected in the future. Approximately 60% of the world’s water resources are transboundary. The potential for internal and/or cross border distribution conflicts may rise given the increasing water demands and the political instability that exist in some of the water scarce countries of the MENA region. InWEnt is planning to develop a capacity building programme on “Adaptation to Climate Change in the Water Management Sector in the MENA Region” on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) from 2011-2015. Partner countries include: Algeria, Marocco, Tunesia, Lebanon, Syria, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Yemen and Egypt. adelphi is in the process of creating a concept for the implementation of the capacity building programme based on its extensive experience in the region as well as the broad knowledge it has gained working in the water management sector. The programme will enable the participants to assess the impacts of climate change on the water sector, evaluate the country’s vulnerability, identify risks and opportunities and to develop and implement subsequent adaptation strategies. The design of the capacity building programme will be matched to the individual needs of the partners and existing capacities. It will include various training formats such as trainings, scenario-workshops and study tours.