Computer game makes young hoteliers and restaurateurs care about the environment

Separate waste right and get to the next level – this and other parts of the gameplay of The Great Green Hipster Hotel help trainees in the hospitality industry get a feel for sustainability management. Anyone interested in getting to know the game pre-release can register to be a voluntary tester.


Doing business in an environmentally-friendly and energy efficient way is an increasingly important competitive factor in the hospitality industry. When dealing with company policy, operating activities and products, companies today can no longer afford to disregard ecological and energy-related issues. So that junior staff in particular can internalise the fundamentals of environmentally business practices from the very beginning, the European Commission is funding the "Green Games in Tourism and Hospitality" project. As part of this project, adelphi and four project partners currently develop a learning module on environmental and sustainability management in the hospitality industry. The aim is to impart information on the topics of sustainability, energy efficiency and resource efficiency to trainees and employees in the industry through fun and games.

At the core of the learning module is "The Great Green Hipster Hotel", an interactive game for smartphones and tablets. Players build and manage a fictitious hotel: important resources such as water and energy are however only available in limited quantities. Even waste disposal must be taken care of independently – and most importantly, in an environmentally friendly way. Video tutorials will be used to convey the necessary specialist knowledge. Training and support material will be available to complement the game, making it easy for teachers and learners to put together teaching units on energy and environmental issues in hotels and restaurants. Trainees at the start of their professional lives will thus develop an awareness of the multifaceted environmental impacts caused by the hospitality industry and acquire the skills necessary to do business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

The beta version is ready – test it first and win prizes

The beta version of the game was recently finalised. The developers are now looking for eager testers in hotel and tourism management schools in Germany, Ireland and Austria. The first testing phase is already up and running. Training institutions and individuals who want to get to know the game prior to its release can register as game testers and win exciting prizes. After testing the game for a few minutes simply fill out a short online questionnaire to be automatically entered into the prize draw. All you need is a smartphone or tablet. More information can be found at