Dialogue forums to promote resource efficiency in the Indian metal industry

Associations, authorities and NGOs will come together between 21 and 25 August in the Indian cities of Delhi, Pune and Chennai to discuss the political framework conditions of the metal processing industry.


The dialogue process organised by adelphi as part of the ACIDLOOP project aims to pinpoint problems and challenges for both industry and the environment and promote mutual understanding between the groups of stakeholders involved. The agenda will feature a number of topics, such as certification programmes for industry, environmental management systems, tax breaks and raw materials prices. The purpose of the forums is to analyse and improve the external framework conditions to enable small and medium-sized companies in India to use their resources more efficiently. A particular focus will be improving techniques to reclaim acids produced during metal processing and finishing procedures.

These issues have prompted environmental and industrial authorities, metal industry associations and environmental NGOs to gather around the table to discuss the current conditions and establish where action is needed. The second dialogue phase in 2014 will aim to develop specific proposals for improving framework conditions.