Enhancing energy-efficiency activities in Vietnam - new project kicked off

LuxDev has commissioned adelphi and its partners to define a concept for an EE NAMA in the lighting sector in Vietnam. The project was kicked off by conducting a field mission in Vietnam to define the NAMA framework and interact with local stakeholders to gather and incorporate their input


On 27 June 2016, adelphi mobilised a team of two experts to conduct a 16-day-long field formulation mission to assess local and national needs and conditions in preparation for an energy-efficiency (EE) Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) in Hue City and Thua Thien Hue (TTH) Province.

The purpose of the mission conducted in Hanoi and Hue was to draw up the conceptual NAMA framework and propose an appropriate NAMA project structure. The consultants interacted with relevant stakeholders at the national and local levels to gather their input and feedback and to include them into the NAMA concept.

The mission comprised four major activities:

  1. Initial research in order to provide a map of the relevant stakeholders at both local and national levels. This stakeholder map would allow researchers to identify key persons to be met during the mission and to be included in the NAMA at a later stage, to gather initial comments from officials, to review and analyse existing regulations related to EE lighting and to review the current conditions and other relevant projects and activities in the sector.
  2. Meetings with relevant stakeholders at both national and local levels to collect information and to consult/exchange views on the project concept, potential for synergy and duplication risks, including site visits.
  3. Draw up an initial NAMA concept based on local experience.
  4. Organize a validation workshop based on the NAMA concept, present a proposal outline at the TTH provincial government premises and gather stakeholder feedback.

Lux Development (LuxDev) assigned adelphi and its partners to draw up a concept for an EE NAMA in the lighting sector in Vietnam, specifically supporting the transition to energy-efficient (EE) lighting in Hue city. Based on this assessment, a full NAMA proposal will be developed over the next three years as part of the LuxDev project VIE/401 “Climate Adapted Green Growth in Thua Thien Hue Province: Energy efficient NAMA pilot in Hue City”. This latter project will include the identification of pilot activities for installing LED lamps in public buildings and public locations (streets, river banks, tourist sites) in Hue City and the TTH Province.

LuxDev has been supporting the TTH province for more than a decade. An initial screening that investigated the for potential for a NAMA identified Vietnam as the most promising nation among the countries LuxDev is already engaged with. The pilot project VIE/401 is the first step towards establishing a full NAMA proposal. This will be the first one to be developed by LuxDev. Different sectors have been evaluated and EE lighting has been selected for further development.