EU Initiative for Peacebuilding – taking stock and looking out

After three and a half years of project activity, the civil society network ‘Initiative for Peacebuilding’ is coming to a close in December and its results are quite impressive.


in 6 topical clusters the ten participating organisations conducted research on and in fragile countries and conflict zones, built local capacities, and consulted policy makers on all levels.

adelphi led the cluster ‘regional cooperation on environment, economy and natural resource management’. The conclusions from reports on water cooperation in the Middle East and Lake Albert in Africa, environmental cooperation in the Southern Caucasus, and energy and trade cooperation in the Great Lakes Region were drawn in a synthesis report on regional cooperation. Insights from research also fed into a series of workshops, an integrated assessment tool on natural resources, climate change and conflict impacts, and a training curriculum that was piloted successfully in Uganda in September.

Over the years the Initiative developed into a network that will continue its work for another 1,5 years, focusing on early warning. As a member, adelphi will continue its work on integrated assessment approaches and in country activities in Africa and India.