Events for the five SEED Gold Winners were a great success

The SEED Awards are annually awarded to support local environmental and development projects and are committed to philanthropic ideals and full engagement.


The 2009 SEED Gold winners’ celebrations were organized by adelphi for the first time and took place in Bangladesh, Colombia, Germany, Niger and South Africa. The awards were presented to the following initiatives: Kaite-Initiative in Zimbabwe for organic production; the Surya Hurricanes, which produce solar lanterns in Bangladesh; the Almodo-Initiative for a waste management system in Niger; Oro Verde for the development of environmental standards in mining operations in Colombia; and the Natural Justice Organisation that aids populations in Africa and South Asia secure access to natural resources. These projects will receive one year of additional development aid, each worth US $35,000. In addition to the awards ceremony, several workshops were held in order to initiate further capacity building measures.