The Federal Foreign Office and adelphi are developing options for climate policy

adelphi and the German Federal Foreign Office are continuing the successful cooperation to identify and develop new approaches to climate diplomacy. The project aims to develop a better understanding of the implications of climate change, scare resources, conflicts and migration for foreign policy.


With this project, the Federal Foreign Office intends to expand the foreign policy options within the area of climate policy and develop options for preventive action and regional cooperation. Various measures are planned for that purpose. In autumn 2013, for example, adelphi and its Ethiopian partner Institute for Security Studies (ISS) are organising a series of events in Addis Ababa with representatives of several African countries. The discussion about the impacts of climate change on natural resources such as water, food, energy and trade will address the far-reaching consequences for development, cooperation and peace in the region. This shall result in recommendations for the African Union and the international community.

Furthermore, adelphi is compiling thematic and regional analyses on climate policy issues, carries out trainings for diplomats and adapts the successful travelling exhibition “Environment, Conflict and Cooperation” to the new focus. All results are documented on the platform

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