From idea to success: One year of the Climate Adaptation Centre

One year of the Climate Adaptation Centre (Zentrum KlimaAnpassung) – a year of successful consultation, networking and training for municipalities and social institutions on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUV).


The Climate Adaptation Centre has been advising municipalities and social institutions on adaptation to the climate crisis for one year now on behalf of the BMUV. The strong response to the available consultation, training and networking show how great the need for this knowledge is among municipalities and social institutions. With its rapid programme for climate adaptation, the BMUV has created a framework to promote funding, consultation and networking for cities and communities.

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke: “The climate crisis and its consequences have long been part of our everyday lives: forest fires, droughts, scarce drinking water reservoirs and record temperatures dominate the news. The vast majority of cities and municipalities are still not sufficiently prepared to protect citizens effectively. The flood disaster of 2021 showed us this in an extremely painful way. We must support municipalities in climate adaptation and risk prevention. The rapid climate adaptation programme is an important first step in this regard. With this programme, the federal government provides support to states and municipalities with funding, consultation and networking. The Climate Adaptation Centre has quickly become a valuable pilot for the programme. Next, I plan to give climate adaptation in Germany a reliable framework, with a precautionary climate adaptation strategy and a climate adaptation law. With a future-proof national water strategy, we are also securing Germany’s water resources in the face of the consequences of the climate crisis.”

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke

„Climate adaptation is the task of the future“

Jens Hasse, Head of the Climate Adaptation Centre: “There is an urgent need for action in order to be prepared for the climate crisis in Germany, to minimise risks and to maintain quality of life. Cities, municipalities and districts are pioneers, initiators and pacesetters for the climate-friendly and equitable development of our society. In order to master the challenges of the climate crisis on the ground, they need comprehensive support. In addition, the Climate Adaptation Centre offers comprehensive knowledge transfer, tailor-made advice, diverse networking at all levels and practical exchange of experience as well as needs-based training. In close cooperation with the BMUV, we will continue to expand these programmes and make them even broader. This much is clear: climate adaptation is the task of the future, and we have only just begun.”

In March 2022, Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke presented a BMUV rapid programme for climate change adaptation. The package serves to quickly put the initial steps and measures into practice. In doing so, the Ministry wants to take account for the urgency of climate change adaptation as a first step. The focus of the programme is to support local authorities by expanding funding programmes and building up skills through tailor-made consultation and improved training for local experts, as well as raising awareness and educating citizens. In addition to the rapid climate adaptation programme, the BMUV is pushing ahead with the implementation of the key projects from the coalition agreement on climate adaptation (climate adaptation law and precautionary adaptation strategy).

Jens Hasse, Head of the Climate Adaptation Centre, and Environment Minister Steffi Lemke

The next few years

Climate adaptation is a shared task for all state and non-state actors. Institutions and experts in adaptation from federal, state and local governments and actors from all areas of society must connect their diverse expertise to advance climate adaptation in Germany. The Climate Adaptation Centre actively supports and shapes this process, intending to act as a catalyst for adaptation in the years to come.

The Climate Adaptation Centre was founded on the initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) in April 2021 after a Europe-wide call for tenders. The organisation is managed by the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) and adelphi. It helps cities, municipalities and social institutions with the challenge of adapting to climate change. The Centre provides support for local decision-makers in building knowledge, selecting and using funding, training and educating staff, and exchange and networking.

Anniversary Booklet

The Centre has created a booklet of figures, data and facts on its first eventful first year of existence, available for download here (German only).