Interim Report: Conflict Sensitive Adaptation

On 18 January 2012 adelphi presented the Midterm-Results of the research on Security Risks of Climate Change with regards to technical and political adaptation processes at a seminar in Berlin. The outcomes were discussed with experts from ministries, NGO’s and academia.


On the Basis of the to-date-results from the project’s first year, the Seminar “Perspectives on conflict sensitive Adaptation to Climate Change” discussed existing experiences in the area of adaptation to Climate Change in regions with high fragility and scrutinised assessed how those aspects could be incorporated in binational and multinational cooperation processes.

The Seminar intends to help identify possibilities and chances of how adaptation activities could contribute to limit security risks of climate change in politically instable regions. Hence, potentially conflict-loaded developments in six regional case studies were examined, looking not only at the level of development but also at political stability and future climate trends as well as already planned adaptation activities. On the Basis of the results, strategies for conflict sensitive adaptation on regional level will now be elaborated.