ISO 50001 in practice: adelphi presents the updated energy management guide

adelphi’s practical guide to the energy management system EN 16001 has been downloaded from the internet around 2 million times. This publication has now been updated with a guide on the international norm ISO 50001.


Adopted in 2011, ISO 50001 has brought harmonisation to the global patchwork of norms on energy management systems and processes for improving energy efficiency in companies. The updated guide "Energy Management Systems in Practice – ISO 50001: A Guide for Companies and Organisations" gives an introduction to the topic of energy management and provides a step-by-step companion supporting the introduction of an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001. Additional tools include a comparison with the environmental management systems ISO 14001 and EMAS as well as checklists. This helps identify the optimal measures for efficient energy use, provides permanent savings, and reduces climate impacts.

The original adelphi guide on EN 16001 was released in 2009 in German, English and Chinese, and has since been used by numerous companies and organisations to successfully implement systems and processes that improve their energy efficiency.