Korean-German Energy Partnership Takes Up Work With Endorsement of Roadmap

Unterzeichnung der Roadmap für die deutsch-koreanische Energiepartnerschaft

On 12 May 2020, Germany and Korea defined the framework for future bilateral cooperation within the Korean-German Energy Partnership in a roadmap.


On 12 May 2020, in a video conference, Thorsten Herdan, Director General for Energy at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), and Youngjoon Joo, Deputy Minister for Energy and Resources at the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), signed a roadmap describing the future bilateral cooperation between Korea and Germany within the framework of the Korean-German Energy Partnership.

Working Groups and Regular Events

The following three working groups (WG) are established with the endorsement of the roadmap: 

  1. “Energy transition”: This working group covers the topics of renewable energy (expansion, system integration and social acceptance) and energy efficiency;
  2. “New green energy technologies”: This encompasses technologies such as green hydrogen, smart grids and energy storage systems;
  3. “Nuclear decommissioning”: This WG deals with decommissioning methods, nuclear waste disposal, safety issues, legal aspects and costs.

The roadmap also establishes the continuation of the Korean-German Energy Day as an important annual bilateral energy policy event between BMWi and MOTIE. The Energy Day has already taken place twice and was organised by adelphi and the AHK Korea.

Since 2016, adelphi has been supporting the BMWi in organising and implementing the energy policy dialogue with MOTIE. In December 2019, the ministries signed an energy partnership, whereby the cooperation was strengthened and institutionalised.

Contact person: Jana Narita