Meet us in Katowice - adelphi at COP24

Aerial drone view on Katowice centre and roundabout at night. Silesia, Poland

adelphi’s experts will present their findings on topics ranging from climate security to carbon pricing at several side events during COP24. Meet us in Katowice from 3 to 14 December to discuss current trends and policy options for climate action!


COP24 is already being hailed as “Paris 2.0” and aims to draw up a detailed roadmap on how to implement the Paris Agreement. This agreement was reached at the 21st Climate Change Conference (COP) in Paris in 2015 and sets out the framework for reducing the global temperature increase to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels. COP24 in Katowice now aims to define concrete measures on how these goals may be implemented. Michał Kurtyka, the Polish Secretary of State at the Ministry of Environment and future President of COP24, has pledged to use the conference to draft a "user manual" outlining the rules for implementing the Paris agreement.

How this implementation should be designed will be discussed by our experts at the COP24 discussions, following below. For current updates follow adelphi on Twitter, or our teams from Climate Diplomacy and International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP).

» Find all our side events and our experts involved in this PDF document

Meet adelphi's experts at these COP24 side events

When Worlds Meet: Interactions between Domestic Carbon Pricing, UNFCCC and CORSIA
TUE 4 December

17:00-18:15 - Benelux Pavilion
Organizer: International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP)
Stephanie La Hoz Theuer will moderate the panel.

Potential of Carbon Pricing in Transition to Low-Carbon Economy
WED 5 December
10:00-13:00 - EU Pavilion, Room Brussels
Organizers: ICAP in cooperation with the Institute for Climate Economics, Ecofys, Climate Focus, Carbon Market Watch, World Bank Group, Agence Française de Développement, IETA, CDP, The Generation Foundation, Climate Outreach
Stephanie La Hoz Theuer will moderate the panel.

A Guide to Linking Emissions Trading Systems
MON 10 December
11:00-12:30 - IETA Pavilion
Organizer: International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP)
Marissa Santikarn will join the panel.

Climate, Peace and Security: Progress towards a Preventive Diplomacy
THU 13 December
10:30-12:00 - EU Pavilion, Room Vienna
Organizers: The European External Action Service, in cooperation with adelphi
Dennis Tänzler will moderate the event.

Financing Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Developing and Emerging Countries
THU 13 December
13:00-14:15 - NDCP Pavilion
Organizer: Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
Dennis Tänzler will join the panel.

Broadening and Deepening: Experiences Supporting the Consideration and Adoption of Carbon Pricing
THU 13 December
13:45-14:45 - Side Event Room 2, “Pieniny”
Organizers: UNFCCC CI-ACA, World Bank PMR, ICAP
Constanze Haug (ICAP/adelphi) will join the panel.

Using International Standards for driving action, performance and transition on climate change
FRI 14 December
11:30-13:00 - Side Event Room 4, “Warmia”
Organizer: International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Accreditation Forum Inc. (IAF), The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment* (IEMA)
Walter Kahlenborn will join the panel with an input on climate adaptation standard ISO 14091.

Building new alliances around climate and security: Germany’s initiative for the UN Security Council
FRI 14 December
12:00-13:30 - German Pavilion
Organizers: German Federal Foreign Office, in cooperation with adelphi

Climate change adaptation and resilience – the developing role of European and International Standards and the related Green financial instruments and taxonomies
FRI 14 December
16:30-18:30 - EU Pavilion, Room Vienna
Organizers: International Organization for Standardization (ISO), European Committee For Standardization, European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CEN/CENELEC)
Walter Kahlenborn will join the panel with an input on climate adaptation standards (ISO 14090 and ISO 14091).