More energy efficiency for automotive suppliers

In order to remain competitive, using energy-saving and environmentally friendly production methods is key for the automobile industry. As part of its “CSR – Social Responsibility in SMEs” programme, adelphi is supporting SMEs as they introduce environmental and energy management systems.


In view of rising energy costs, it is particularly important for small and medium-sized car part suppliers to implement cost-cutting measures – thereby also helping to protect the environment. adelphi holds workshops and training sessions to advise SMEs in the automobile industry on cost-effective ways to introduce energy management systems into their companies. The project is part of the programme “CSR – Social Responsibility in SMEs” and is supported by the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the European Social Fund (ESF).

adelphi has already launched the preparatory phase which involves contacting small and medium-sized businesses in the industry and subsequently selecting eligible project partners. A project kick-off event will be held for the partner companies in autumn 2012.

The programme “CSR – Social Responsibility in SMEs” will run until 2014. A total of 75 project managers will advise, train and support more than 2,000 companies.