New financing opportunities for Indian start-ups

Innovative, resource-efficient products and processes are becoming more and more important in India to assure its economic growth and sustainability. adelphi supports the Indian banking house SIDBI to develop products for financing innovative concepts.


Because of its high economic growth rate in the past two decades, India faces resources scarcity in many places have become scarce. Thus the development of resource-efficient products and processes that require less energy, water or natural resources is a priority. To this end, the German development bank KfW makes a credit line of 53 million Euros available to the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) under an Innovation Finance Programmen (IFP). This enables SIDBI to create financing opportunities specifically for innovative start-ups and enterprises. adelphi supports this programme for the following two years.

At the initial project meeting, the partners defined first steps, including the criteria for distinguishing innovative and therefore financeable concepts. An important prerequisite is also the technical feasibility which will be assessed Indian and international experts. To inform the target group about the new financing opportunities, promotional events are held throughout the country.