New Training gets developing countries up and running in climate financing

If they are to implement ambitious climate action goals, states must mobilise huge financial resources. So that decision makers and professionals can make best use of the numerous sources of international climate financing, adelphi has developed the Climate Finance Readiness (CliFiT) Toolkit.


Due to the enormous global demand for climate mitigation funds, a complex structure of international funding has emerged. The complexity results more than anything from the variety of access arrangements, funding priorities and application requirements.

This is just one fact taken into account by the Climate Finance Readiness Training (CliFiT) Toolkit: this collection of information and methods that has been developed by adelphi will help its users to take an overview of the available funding sources and to use any raised funds effectively in the financing of national climate mitigation projects. The training programme is aimed primarily at decision makers and experts from government ministries, agencies and NGOs dealing with climate finance in developing and emerging economies.

A structured and interactive introduction to all aspects of international climate finance

The training programme includes, amongst other things, a trainer manual with information about training modules alongside teaching advice. With this guide, those keen to disseminate the training concept can independently develop targeted seminars. The aim of these seminars is to make the complex issue of climate financing more comprehensible to participants. To this end, CliFiT training materials are designed to convey the training concept in a dynamic and interactive fashion. In this way, the CliFiT Toolkit encourages competitive case studies, role play and business games, as well as the creation of stakeholder maps. CliFiT’s modular design makes it possible to further adapt to the individual needs of the client as they arise.

As part of the development of the CliFiT Toolkit, adelphi has already conducted an initial training seminar for representatives from finance, environmental and planning ministries in Uganda. Alongside this, an initial Training of Trainers seminar in Berlin aimed to educate experts in the dissemination of the CliFiT toolkit.

The CliFiT training toolkit was developed with financial support from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) under the framework of the CF Ready Programme on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Development and Economic Cooperation (BMZ). More information can be found here:

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