Paving the way to climate diplomacy

The impacts of climate change on peace and security are already tangible. There is an agreement to establish climate diplomacy to develop early action mechanisms. "Climate Diplomacy – Reducing Risks for Security", describes how German foreign policy meets the challenge and gets globally involved.


The documentation, published by the German Federal Foreign office and adelphi, takes the reader through the whole process of the initiative on climate and security they had jointly started in 2011 with addressing the topic and anchoring it as a top political priority at the highest level of the international political agenda. The authors describe how stakeholders, partner countries and regional organisations were engaged to map out strategies. These were designed to promote climate protection to contain risks at the earliest possible state. Climate diplomacy is not limited to the inner circles of politicians and decision makers but aims at sensitising a broader audience for the conquences of climate change for peace and stability, e.g. through exhibitions.