Practical teaching materials for vocational schools on energy efficient products

Stromstecker und das EU-Energielabel

Given that many customers now prefer energy-efficient products; trainees in the retail sector need technical knowledge in the area of energy efficiency. In response, the National Top Runner Initiative has developed free teaching material for vocational schools.


Consumers are increasingly favouring environmentally-friendly ways of living. With the relevant knowledge, trainees may inform their customers about alternative, energy-saving products. Moreover, they may explain the energy label, energy use, and the cost aspect associated with these products in more detail. In this context, the National Top Runner Initiative (NITRI) has developed teaching and learning material for vocational schools. In three modules, trainees learn about the linkages between climate change and energy-efficient appliances, energy labels, as well as the cost associated with energy-efficient appliances. These materials are free to access through the link listed below. 

Structure and content of the modules 

Every module is divided into two parts. The first part contains a background text for the teacher, which highlights relevant facts and dates regarding the material that will be taught throughout the module. The second part includes methodical and didactical proposals regarding how the content could be worked through with the students. It further includes interactive work sheets that could be included during lessons.

Information about the National Top Runner Initiative 

The NTRI provides information to consumers when purchasing energy-efficient household appliances and sensitises them to their energy-saving use. The NTRI is an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Lead by adelphi, the initiative is implemented by a consortium including Edelman, the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability und Microintegration, Wuppertal institute and the Austrian Energy Agency. 

The teaching materials in PDF-form are available here.

Further information on the NTRI is available here.

For any queries, please contact Johannes Fehr.