Prize for AdaptCap pilot project

A sustainable water treatment system for Indian coastal communities developed with adelphi‘s support has won the India Prize of Solution Search’s „Adapting to a Changing Climate“ contest. Congrats to our Indian partner Academy of Gandhian Studies (AGS) for this great success!


The pilot technology delivers an innovative, low-cost and sustainable solution for satisfying drinking water needs in coastal communities struggling with a growing salinization of groundwater sources. With rising sea levels and increasingly frequent heavy storm surges the groundwater sources in the southeast-Indian coastal village of Desaraju Palli have turned saline. Technologies for desalinating groundwater, however, are costly. Using a natural filtration system the pilot technology uses the locally available surface water as a source for drinking water. Solar pumps channel the clear water into the village’s drinking water pond. Water seeping from the pond contributes to refreshing the groundwater.

The Academy of Gandhian Studies (AGS) can now use the 10.000 USD prize sponsored by the Barr Foundation for similar initiatives in nearby villages.

The pilot project was realized in the framework of the project AdaptCap – Strengthening Adaptation Capacities and Minimizing Risks of Vulnerable Coastal Communities in India. adelphi supported the development, implementation, and maintenance of the pilot measure through capacity building and technical advice.