"REACH in practice" - review and outlook

On 28 September the closing workshop of the conference series "REACH in practice", organised on behalf of the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), took place in Berlin. The series’ basic aim was to help companies and institutions with the practical implementation of the EU chemicals policy.


The last of the total of 13 workshops, which were all organised by adelphi, offered enough space to discuss a variety of questions and bottlenecks for the further implementation of REACH. For the UBA it was of particular importance to consider the point of view from smaller and medium enterprises and state authorities. Although the EU has provided extensive guidance documentation concerning REACH, many of those who have responsibility for implementing the regulation within industry and in official supervisory bodies still have questions regarding its environmental aspects. They seek clear and, above all, practical guidance documents on registration and monitoring.

This is where the UBA’s "REACH in practice" project came in, which provides both users of chemicals and supervisory bodies with specific materials that shed light on eight particularly complex topics. Although the conference series was very successful, it became obvious from this last workshop that there is still much work to do. The Federal Environmental Ministry and the Federal Environmental Agency will therefore continue to support companies and public authorities to implement REACH in the future.

For further information please visit: http://www.reach-konferenz.de/