Regional dialogue on energy efficiency strategy development in Delhi

South Asia’s governments face the challenge to supply sufficient energy to meet the increase in demand. Enhancing energy efficiency can close the gap between supply and demand. adelphi designed and facilitated a regional dialogue for developing energy efficiency strategies.


Energy efficiency strategies help to outline the direction of activities and focus on the incentives for improvements for the different stakeholders in order to serve an overarching aim. Considering this, a Regional Dialogue on Energy Efficiency Strategy Development was held in Delhi within the framework of the GIZ “Regional Energy Efficiency Programme (REEP)”.

The three-day dialogue, which had been designed and facilitated by adelphi, saw experts of the Indian and Thai governments and other international experts holding presentations on the development and implementation of such a strategy, focusing on key success elements and critical processes. Both countries are considered frontrunners, serving as examples for participants from governmental agencies in charge of an energy efficiency strategy formulation in Nepal and Bangladesh. They also availed themselves of the opportunity of developing action plans for the strategy formulation under the guidance of the international experts.

A second Regional Dialogue is planned under REEP for 2013 to further nurture the development of energy efficiency strategies in the region.