Review of the National Sustainability Strategy

According to a 2009 review, Germany’s National Sustainability Strategy has the potential to promote the country´s path to a sustainable society. Experts however, note that the current strategy is mainly based on single measures, indicators and timetables, and lacks an overarching concept and vision.


Therefore, the authors concluded that the so-called “strategy” does not really qualify as one.

Based on the experts survey, the interdisciplinary working group of the Berlin-based think tank “stiftung neue verantwortung“ (snv) – foundation of new responsibility – identified focal points for the adjustment of the strategy. The team, joined by Cosima Strasser, project manager at adelphi and associate in the team “sustainability leadership” at the snv, developed a concept for how the National Sustainability Strategy could better live up to the expectations its title raises.

The adjustment focuses on a redefinition of the understanding of wealth and labour, and the creation of a sustainable vision for Germany. Key points for the upcoming re-evaluation of the sustainability strategy in 2012 are four new spheres of activity: (1) sustainable growth, (2) sustainable labour policies, (3) sustainable social engagement and (4) culture of sustainability.

"This reorientation of the National Sustainability Strategy strengthens the sustainability of Germany’s state, economy and society, and promotes Germany’s international leadership towards sustainability", stated the expert group during the June 2010 presentation of the concept.

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