SEED Initiative imparts innovative methods for sustainable business in Namibia

At the end of September, management consultants from Namibia took part in a Training of Trainers workshop and learned of new consultancy and moderation techniques. Going forward, they will continue to support local micro and small enterprises in implementing sustainable business models.


As part of a four-day Training of Trainers workshop, consultants working with micro and small entrepreneurs came together in Windhoek, Namibia, with the intention of focussing their consulting activities on social and sustainable enterprises. The training – developed and conducted by the SEED Initiative – aimed to put innovative consultancy tools in the hands of participants which they could then export independently into their own working contexts.

Amongst the many consultancy tools aimed at the development of sustainable business models was the formation of a “triple bottom line.” With this method, entrepreneurs’ social, economic and environmental goals can be defined and their implementation regularly reviewed. In addition, participants dealt with the value propositions of a company focussing on social and environmental sustainability.

Workshop fosters the development of a community of sustainability consultants

In addition to technical training, the workshop also provided the opportunity to socialise and form networks. During a session dedicated to exchanging ideas on consulting competencies, individual participants were able to form partnerships providing for mutual support in future consultation work.

As the hosting partner of the SEED-Initiative, adelphi was responsible for the preparation and execution of the Training of Trainers workshop, alongside the Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII) and the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme (SAIS). The training program was financed by the Government of Flanders, Belgium.