Successful conference on solar energy in Marocco

The “Casablanca Forum: Larges-scale Solar Power in MENA – Vision and Reality“ took place on 15-16 June 2010, welcoming around 200 participants to discuss the development of large scale photovoltaic and concentrated solar power in the MENA region.


adelphi organised this event on behalf of KfW Entwicklungsbank as well as the Moroccan organisations ONE and MASEN. During these two days, stakeholders from governments, experts on renewable energy and companies exchanged ideas and experiences on the existing infrastructural, financial and regulative challenges for the development of solar energy in the Mediterranean. Participants of the conference included representatives from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, European countries as well as international organizations. This international conference paved the way for dialogue between all stakeholders and provided a clear understanding of necessary steps on short to medium term to put forward this vision into reality.