Visionary energy for the future: the launch of the Sense the City website

Sense the city launch

The Sense the City project explores ideas and desires for the city of the future. The growing collection of visions is now available on


The Sense the City project, developed by adelphi, collects visions of the city of the future through the level of the senses. It uses a newly developed vision methodology that combines mutli-sensory stimuli with art-based approaches and methods from futurology.

By asking how the city of the future should sound, smell, taste, look, and feel, we create new spaces for experience and thought in order to be more optimistic about potential futures and how to shape them. As part of the project, we explore the visions of people from different backgrounds and experts from diverse disciplines.

The project has now come to life on its own platform, which launched this week:

Inspiration for the ‘city of the future’

The project brings together ideas about the future – such as those at the recent Arch Week of the XXII Triennale in Milan – in the form of short stories, illustrations, podcasts and videos.

The website also curates content related to the ‘city of the future’, brought to life through guest contributions of all kinds, with ideas and visions from diverse creative minds and thought leaders. You can read, for example, how Berlin-based architect Van Bo-Le Mentzel or French artist Soazic Guèzennec envision the ideal city of the future.

The stories on the new platform are meant to inspire people to dream, collaborate and imagine – and create new perspectives for the future design of our cities.

So have a look!