Wind energy in focus: results of the German-Korean Energy Dialogue

Fachtreffen - deutsch-koreanischer Energiedialog

On 20 June 2019, adelphi and the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a conference on wind energy. 56 participants discussed perspectives, political and regulatory framework conditions, as well as questions of social acceptance and the involvement of the population.


A symposium on wind energy took place in Seoul on 20 June 2019 as part of the German-Korean Energy Dialogue. It was organized by adelphi and the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Korea). The event offered experts from both countries the opportunity to exchange views on political and regulatory conditions for wind energy, offshore, and public acceptance. A total of 56 participants from Korea and Germany took part. The event was organized on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) with support from the German Embassy in Seoul.

Based on the keynote speech by adelphi Project Manager Jana Narita, participants debated the question of social acceptance for renewable energies and how to increase the involvement of the public. Making the Korean population aware of ‘fake news’ in the energy sector was considered a fundamental step in the discussion. In this context, independent research institutes have a key role to play in providing reliable information. In addition, the importance of the energy transition for the reduction of greenhouse gases and air pollution must be communicated to the public more. In order to be highly efficient, communication campaigns should involve not only official channels, but also popular media. At the local level, transparency and the involvement of the population are critical – through the creation of local jobs and financial participation, for example. To this end, the government should create orientation guidelines for project developers.

The Energy Dialogue between the two countries will continue on 24 October 2019 at the second Korean-German Energy Day, part of the International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC) in Seoul. adelphi and AHK Korea are organising the event.

For further information please contact Gunnar Will and Jana Narita.