Workshop "Development prospects of the eco-label Blue Angel"

The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) was organising the workshop "Development prospects of the eco-label Blue Angel" on 26 September 2011 in Berlin. The central theme of the workshop was how to further develop the eco-label. adelphi was in-volved with the organisation and implementation of


The Blue Angel is the first and most well-known eco-label worldwide. It has set the standard for eco-friendly products and services since 1978. The Blue Angel is awarded in four catego-ries: health, water, resources and climate protection. While the eco-label is well established in the first three categories, the Blue Angel for Climate Protection (BEK) still has growth potential. In light of this, the Federal Ministry for the Environment's working group "climate protection and products" discussed ways to boost the profile of the Blue Angel as a climate protection label that demonstrates a company's commitment to climate protection issues. The workshop "Development prospects of the eco-label Blue Angel" aimed to include these useful suggestions. The workshop then focused on developing and positioning the Blue Angel as an eco-label in an international and corporate context as well as developing new cooperation opportunities and improving the administrative procedures. Smaller working groups identified current challenges and discussed potential solutions.