adelphi as an employer

adelphi als Arbeitgeber

Do you want to apply your skills and energy to green projects? Then welcome to our careers section. We are pleased you are interested in working with adelphi. Here you will find all you need to know about adelphi as an employer.

What sets us apart

We are

  • actively involved in shaping political and social processes in the areas of sustainability, energy and the environment
  • a flexible company with flat hierarchies and streamlined decision-making processes
  • a motivated and creative team
  • committed to the content and projects we work on
  • concerned with the pressing issues of sustainability, natural resources and the environment

At adelphi

  • you will take on responsibility quickly and gather valuable experience
  • we cultivate a personal and uncomplicated atmosphere
  • employees come from a variety of cultural backgrounds
  • we make it possible for you to balance work and family life by offering flexible working hours and part-time options
  • we also prioritise sustainability in our own work

What our colleagues say about us

Lia Weitz - adelphi
Lia Weitz

“I really like how much cooperation, collegiality, and mutual support are so valued at adelphi. I have a good feeling being surrounded by like-minded people at adelphi. That makes communication with each other very open. And thanks to shared meals and social events like ‘Early Thursdays’ and company celebrations, networking isn’t only limited to a working context. I am glad that I’ve already been able to gain valuable career experience during my studies, and that I’ve been able to apply knowledge from my studies to projects, while learning about new topics as well. Last but not least, the flexible working times also make it possible to balance my studies and work.” 

Falko Mitarbeiterstimme
Falko Bertram
Trainee Controlling

"As someone starting out in my career, I think it's great that I get to work in an open team with flat hierarchies. Right from the start I was entrusted with responsibility and given freedom to work independently. I particularly enjoy the regular interaction with my colleagues. We often meet to discuss different problems and work on solutions together. I've many opportunities to make meaningful contributions and to learn a lot."

Sophia Stock - adelphi
Sophia Stock
Research Analyst

"The opportunities for development at adelphi are very transparent and clearly laid out. In line with their career experiences and length of employment, employees are gradually given more and more responsibility. Beyond that, I am constantly able to delve into new topics that I haven’t had much contact with during my course of study. I think it’s great that at adelphi, we’re not only conducting research and advising on sustainability, climate action, and resource conservation, but that these principles also have a firm place within the everyday work in the organisation."

Stephan Wolters
Project Manager

“The sustainable further development of international climate policy requires the expertise of economists – a challenge which I am delighted to be dealing with. At adelphi, I can make the best possible contribution of my knowledge, building upon newly-acquired competencies with every project. At the same time, I am expected to be proactive and show responsibility, thus continuing to improve my competencies in project management.”

Uploads - Mitarbeiter - Bilder: Kramer_Team.jpg
Annika Kramer
Senior Project Manager

“As the person responsible for the topic of water, I manage various projects alongside handling strategic assignments, which for me adds up to an exciting portfolio. In parallel, adelphi offers me the opportunity to combine family and career. Thanks to flexible working times and the possibility of doing part of my work at home, I can take care of my children when needed, enjoying a fulfilling job at the same time.”