Who we are looking for

Wen wir suchen

adelphi's range of services covers a broad spectrum of issues. This is also reflected in the diverse backgrounds and qualifications found in our team of interdisciplinary consultants. At the same time, we also place worth on certain universal skills:

  • Qualifications relevant to one or more of adelphi’s areas of focus
  • Foreign language skills, study or work experience abroad and an intercultural awareness
  • Solid methodological skills in the areas of research, consulting and dialogue
  • Basic experience and skills in project management
  • Experience in working with implementing organisations for development cooperation
  • A careful working approach, as well as good research and writing skills
  • A commitment to quality of service
  • Ability to work in a team

The following qualifications are generally relevant for our work:

  • Social and political scientists with a focus in the areas of sustainability, energy and the environment, preferably in an international context
  • Economists with a focus in the areas of corporate social responsibility, sustainable product-, procurement-, competition- and/or industry policy
  • Engineers with a focus in the areas of environmental technology, renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainable process technology, sustainable construction, sustainable building technology and/or sustainable urban development
  • Financial experts specialised in the area of sustainable development and/or financing for sustainability projects and climate protection
  • Environmental scientists and environmental managers specialised in the area of sustainable resource management and resource policy