At adelphi, we understand sustainability to mean acting responsibly in the interests of future generations. We are convinced that only a corporate governance strategy that is orientated around clear values and sustainability can be successful in the long run. Sustainability is the foundation of our business operations, which are orientated to forward-looking solutions and long term success, as well as the guiding principle of our business internally and externally.

In the summer of 2008, adelphi consult GmbH and adelphi research gGmbH introduced an environmental management system in accordance with the European EMAS regulation at all Berlin offices. The management system was validated and registered in October 2008. After moving to Alt-Moabit in September 2016, our environmental management system was redesigned and adapted to the current office location. Our system has been revalidated in July 2017 (valid until 2021).


To compensate for our CO2 emissions we work together with firstclimate, an integrated carbon asset management company that offers products and services related to the trading of emission reduction credits and invests in greenhouse gas abatement projects around the world which are verified to the highest international standards.

To offset the emissions produced by adelphi, we currently support projects in Zambia and India. These projects comprise the bio sequestration of CO2 through mitigated deforestation in the African State of Zambia and the implementation of renewable energy systems in rural India.

About the project: Fostering the use of renewable energies in India

In order to meet its energy needs, a majority of rural households in India rely on the use of traditional biomass. On average, each household burns approximately 5 kg of wood per day. As a result of this, forests are being cut down and harmful smoke accumulates in the interiors of the houses.

In order to avoid this, the project finances the implementation of biogas plants which operate on cow manure and rely on anaerobic biological processes. The biogas can be used for cooking, the purification of water and for lighting the house interiors at night.