Accessing Climate Finance for Lake- and River Basin Organisations

Climate change exacerbates the already existing complexities of water resources management at the national and transboundary levels. Therefore, climate change adaptation has become more and more important for sustainable and secure resource management over the past decade. Transboundary Lake- and River Basin Organisations (L/RBOs) are a medium for riparian states to cooperate and harness the benefits of water management. Due to their unique and indispensable position to manage waters from a holistic perspective, transboundary basin organisations provide a great platform for advancing climate change adaptation and use innovative climate financing instruments. However, options for climate financing for transboundary projects are limited compared to those for individual states and only a small number of L/RBOs has so far applied (successfully) for climate funding. The project therefore aims  to increase the knowledge about where different L/RBOs are in terms of accessing climate change funding and gain an overview of accessible funds that could be suitable for them.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)  commissioned adelphi to develop an overview document on climate change financing available for L/RBOs. Additionally, adelphi will collect and process information and recommendations from L/RBOs with regard to their experiences and challenges in project development and in accessing climate financing for climate adaption projects. The findings will be published in short case study papers. In a workshop, adelphi will present and discuss lessons learned with L/RBOs and their partners and develop their capacities in accessing climate fianance.