Action plan for cooperation on solar technology

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The Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (MEF) was founded in March 2009 by 17 major industrialised and emerging countries, amongst them Germany, Brazil, Canaca, China, India, the United States and the European Union. The aim of the MEF was to promote a successful outcome for the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and to plan the member countries’ joint activities to combat climate change. Technology action plans (TAP), above all, were designed to serve this second purpose. These action plans created for ten different fields of technology outline the possible joint activities to be undertaken by the MEF countries.

Germany, together with Spain, had accepted leadership for the solar energy TAP. adelphi supported the preparation of this technology action plan by presenting detailed proposals for the accelerated roll-out of solar technologies, while taking the current development status of individual generator technologies, the political framework conditions, technological challenges and any obstacles into consideration. The key areas were photovoltaics, solar-thermal electricity generation and low temperature solar thermal energy.

In addition to contributing towards the creation of the technology action plan, adelphi also accompanied the German Federal Environment Ministry over the coming years in advancing the MEF process.