Adaptation strategies in European cities

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The increasingly apparent impact of climate change is of particular importance to cities. As a result of their key significance to national economies and their high population densities, they are especially at risk from heat waves, dry spells and floods. In spite of a number of extremely active pioneering cities, there is still relatively little knowledge in Europe on how to deal with these risks or how to make the most of the opportunities presented by climate change at municipal level.

The project aims to boost the capacity of European municipalities to act and to raise awareness among key figures on the issue of adaptation to climate change. On the one hand, this involves analysing the adaptation measures implemented in various cities to date and the corresponding strategies. On the other hand, adelphi is compiling training material in cooperation with project partners and assisting a total of 21 cities in the areas of peer learning, training and coaching sessions with the goal of developing an adaptation strategy. The project's findings will be documented on a website and transferred to the European Clearinghouse for Adaptation in the long term.