Advisory services in environmental management programmes in India

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India is faced with a number of adaptation challenges. Due to its flourishing economy, it has become one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, which are dangerous to global climate. On the other hand, its coastal regions are most effected by climate change, often in the form of floods or cyclones. This has to be taken into account when investing in the field of urban-industrial infrastructure.

adelphi advised the Indian environment programme of the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) on developing methods for climate-specific goals, cost-benefit analysis of emission savings in ecological industry parks, capacity development in climate planning for municipalities and city administrations, as well as vulnerability assessment of urban-industrial infrastructure. Along with programme workshops and study trips to Europe, capacity building programmes in climate change adaptation for Indian federal states were developed, and network dialogues initiated.

Publications of this project

  • Water, Crisis and Climate Change in India: A Policy Brief

    Taenzler, Dennis; Lukas Ruettinger, Katherina Ziegenhagen and Gopalakrishna Murthy 2011: Water, Crisis and Climate Change in India: A Policy Brief. Berlin: Initiative for Peacebuilding/adelphi.