Aligning environmental standards for potential EU accession and neighbouring countries

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The process of adaptation to EU environmental standards, and alignment with its environmental policies, is a political, institutional and financial challenge for the EU's Eastern Neighbours, potential accession and accession countries. In order to understand the scope of the challenge, to draw on lessons learnt, and to discuss the ways forward, KfW will be hosting the conference 'Paving the Way for Accession and Neighbourhood – Towards a Better Environment in Eastern Europe' in Frankfurt on 28-29 October, 2010. It brought together decision makers from the countries of the region and representatives of major international and bilateral bodies involved in the municipal and environmental sectors, particularly focusing on water, wastewater, and waste.

Furthermore the conference was an excellent platform for the exchange of information and experiences on implementing environmental policies within partner countries, international financial institutions, the EU and the KfW. Representatives from governments and municipalities of candidate countries (Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey), potential accession countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia), Eastern neighbour countries (Ukraine, Southern Caucasus), international financial institutions and the EU attended the event. adelphi had been commissioned by KfW with the organisation of the conference and takes care of the pre-planning, realisation and post-processing of the event.