ASEM Overseas Air Quality Training Exposure 2008

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Air pollution is a complex problem due to the multiplicity of sources (e.g. industries, automobile, generator sets, domestic fuel burning, road side dust, construction activities, etc.). In order to design action plans for control and abatement, a cost effective approach must be developed. Source apportionment studies carried out in Indian cities would have far reaching results for air quality management. Thus, adelphi in cooperation with the German Gesellschaft für Tecnische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) Advisory Services in Environment Management (ASEM) implemented an international training/exposure tour for senior/middle level executives and officers involved in the air quality management in six Indian cities. The training for trainers was conducted by selected European experts on air quality monitoring, emission inventories and source apportionment studies. It aimed to impart theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills based on pollution management strategies by “developed” countries. As a result, policy and technical level contacts were established and future cooperation on joint approaches regarding the mitigation of air pollution and the monitoring of air quality was decided upon.