Assessment of hazardous waste dumpsites and preparation of remediation plans

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The issue of contamination of groundwater and soil due to dumping of hazardous waste became an increasing concern for Indian authorities. The State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs) are assessing hazardous waste dumpsites and carrying out random checks through field visits. The Central Government Pollution Control Boards (CPCBs) national inventory planned to develop remediation plans. International cooperation and knowledge exchange with German and European approaches regarding the legal framework and technical measures were being requested by decision takers as well as administrative and technical staff of the PCBs in order to finalise assessment and remediation plans and execute the appropriate measures per the provisions.

The short-term training, on behalf of the Environmental Programme of GTZ in India, for officials of the SPCBs, was a capacity building programme, organised by adelphi. It aimed at strengthening the regulatory and administrative capacities of the SPCBs and CPCBs by providing state of the art knowledge concerning the assessment, remediation and post usage of contaminated sites.