Building an Ecosystem for Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship in South Africa

In the framework of hosting SEED, adelphi is carrying out a project on behalf of the Government of Flanders, a federated state of Belgium, and a core partner to SEED.

Between 2016 and 2018, the project aims to significantly advance social and environmental (S&E) entrepreneurship in South Africa, thereby supporting the creation of environmentally sustainable employment for less well-educated, marginalised groups. In this manner, it will contribute to the emergence of an inclusive green economy. The project will improve the quality and availability of business development support (BDS) services geared towards S&E enterprises (BDS+). Furthermore, it will support conventional enterprises in moving towards green and inclusive business models (GIBM) and foster the replication of successful S&E business models while enhancing the relevant policy framework.  BDS for S&E and GIBM enterprises are to be enhanced through the introduction of a BDS+ standard and a certification scheme for BDS providers. Project activities are focused on the provinces of Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal and Free State, and on the agricultural, tourism and waste sectors, which are of specific concern here due to their specific adverse impacts but also due to their potential for an inclusive green economy. 

In the course of the project, adelphi is monitoring the progress of the project activities and summarizes all results in case studies and business condition briefs, which will be presented at dedicated policy dialogue fora in South Africa. adelphi is is responsible for the overall project coordination, as well as the implementation of all support activities for BDS providers and participating enterprises.

Publications of this project