Capacity building for the establishment of emissions trading systems in emerging economies

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Emissions trading systems (ETS) play an increasingly important role as an instrument for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions around the world. As a market instrument, such a system allows covered entities to trade emission allowances with each other, thereby realizing emission reductions where they are least costly and therefore most economically efficient. There has been a considerable amount of interest in the introduction of ETS recently especially from emerging economies and developing countries.

This project, coordinated by adelphi, provides support for bilateral activities of the German Ministry for the Environment to build capacity in the area of emissions trading in selected countries. The overarching goal is to spread basic knowledge and best practices on emissions trading internationally and to assist interested countries in developing concepts for the introduction of their own ETS. To this end, adelphi and its project partners FutureCamp, DIW econ, and TÜV Süd develop training material on ETS in various languages and provide conceptual and logistical assistance for the training of foreign experts in Germany, and for the implementation of training activities abroad.