Challenges for German development cooperation in Tunesia

Stunning sunset in western central Tunisia

Environmental law, sustainable development and good governance represent three pillars of development cooperation. Yet how are they related to each other? Will the development cooperation meet future challenges? In order to achieve future challenges development corporation must address sustainable development, good governance and environmental law in an integrated fashion. Where do intersections and points of contact lie and which potential areas of operation can be identified by the development cooperation? These questions are addressed in a policy paper prepared by adelphi, who was commissioned by the GTZ’s Environmental Programme in Tunisia.

Dennis Tänzler and Alexander Carius outlined these three areas of operation, in light of the extensive international discourses and submitted proposals on how they could be implemented in the development cooperation practice. The GTZ used the results of this study as an input for an international meeting on opportunities and prospects of international environmental law on the 13 and 14 December 2005, in Tunis.