Climate change adaptation training for companies

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Adaptation to climate change is increasingly important for businesses while presenting new business opportunities at the same time. On behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and within the framework of the project "Dissemination of Climate Technologies for Mitigation and Adaptation with the Private Sector", adelphi developed a series of innovative training approaches to raise awareness and build capacity among business representatives concerning the challenges and opportunities in the field of adaptation to climate change. On the basis of a needs assessment, adelphi developed a comprehensive blended-learning programme on "Dissemination of Climate Technologies for Adaptation – Business Opportunities" for business representatives of multinational corporations form emerging and developing countries. The programme uses different capacity building methods including a training, a study tour and an online learning platform.

In addition, adelphi implemented a training on "Adaptation to Climate Change" for business representatives from Germany about the opportunities in the field of climate change adaptation. The training was organised in cooperation with the German Global Compact Network and was conducted for companies by adelphi for the second time. The training demonstrates how businesses can improve their resilience and adaptive capacity, and identify new market opportunities in the field of climate change adaptation.