Climate Diplomacy: Concepts and approaches

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In light of the limited progress of international climate policy development and the end of the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012, there was a need for supplementary efforts to develop action plans regarding crisis and conflict preventive climate policy. The German-led debate on climate change in the UN Security Council in July 2011 was a first step in this regard.

adelphi addressed the above challenges in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office by seeking to identify and further develop innovative foreign policy options regarding climate issues. To this end, adelphi conducted an in-depth analysis jointly with players of German and international climate diplomacy. It endeavoured to develop new ideas and stimuli which could strategically and practically address the ever more visible challenges of climate change, regarding both mitigation and adaptation. This included action to build networks, promote dialogue and facilitate the exchange of information. It also entailed developing the competences of key players and disseminators the strengthening of existing regional dialogues, further extending them to additional regions and stakeholders.

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