Climate-Resilient Hamburg 2050

Hafen Hamburg und Elbphilharmonie

Sea-level rise, severe rain, heat waves – all of these are challenges facing the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the coming years. To counter the already inevitable consequences of climate change, the Senate developed the first Hamburg Climate Plan in 2015, which gives equal attention to both climate action and climate change adaptation. An update of this climate plan is to take place in 2018.

Along with Bosch und Partner, adelphi has been commissioned by the Department of Environment and Energy Hamburg to support the development of key adaptation aspects for the updated Hamburg Climate Plan. To do so, the following questions are being considered:

  • How vulnerable is Hamburg to climate change?
  • Were any significant aspects overlooked with respect to adaptation so far?
  • Given the current state of knowledge and research, might some new aspects have to be considered or might other priorities have to be set?

The project also includes a gap analysis: what has to be done so that Hamburg can actually achieve its goal of "integrated action being self-evident", as formulated for 2030?

In order to answer the questions raised in the project, adelphi is carrying out a range of research efforts and analyses. Based on a consideration of vulnerability, an analysis of the adaptation measures contained in the climate plan is being carried out. In order to identify areas of concern necessitating more precise or expanded measures, adelphi is examining, among other things, the interrelations between the measures and the areas of work prioritised in the vulnerability assessment. The team is sketching out two scenarios for the actual impacts of the ongoing and planned measures. For both scenarios, the project team is developing recommendations for action, along with additional measures and modifications to increase the probability of the goal being achieved. While the targets for 2030 have already been specified in relatively concrete terms, with the relevant measures underpinning them, the updated plan is to contain an overarching vision of a climate smart and resilient city of Hamburg for 2050. For this, adelphi is developing ideas within this project framework and is outlining the foundational principles for the Hamburg concept.