Colombian ETS Virtual Academy

In 2018, the Colombian Climate Change Law and the National Development Plan 2018-2022, titled “Pact for Colombia, pact for Equity”, mandated the creation of an emissions trading system (ETS): the National Program for Tradable GHG Emission Quotas (PNCTE). Based on the communication, training, and public awareness strategy developed for the PNCTE, the Colombian government convened a virtual ETS Academy, the objective of which was to build the capacities of key stakeholders to facilitate their active participation and ensure that their contributions to the PNCTE socialization and consultation process are more informed. In addition, it is expected that the capacities generated will facilitate the implementation of the pilot phase of the PNCTE.

In this context, Climate Focus, adelphi and Carbon Trust were commissioned by the Partnership for Market Readiness of the World Bank and the Colombian government to implement this virtual Academy, which was carried out in six training modules: A first introductory module and five in-depth modules focused on different topics, such as an advanced module on ETS and a module focused on MRV (monitoring, reporting, and verifying) topics.

adelphi was in charge of implementing the two longest-running modules of the virtual Academy, with two iterations of the advanced module on ETS for the public sector and one iteration of the advance module on ETS for the private sector. The modules led by adelphi successfully trained 44 people from both sectors, with the overall Academy successfully training over 130 key Colombian stakeholders from the public, private, and civil society sectors. The Academy featured a variety of online formats, mixing live and pre-recorded instruction with interactive exercises and discussion formats.