Communicating Germany's contributions to climate protection

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The German government is quite ambitious when it comes to climate protection. By 2020, greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced by 40 per cent compared to their 1990 levels; by 2050 this reduction should reach up to 80 - 95 per cent. The energy transition reflected in these figures is unique the world over, making Germany the forerunner in the expanding market for green technology.

Yet, despite plentiful monitoring processes, such advances in German climate protection are often unknown amongst the broader public. For this reason, adelphi has created the brochure “Climate Protection by the Numbers”, commissioned by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). This brochure elucidates German contributions to climate protection and offers detailed descriptions of climate protection measures, therewith aiming to foster greater public acceptance of climate policy. The publication addresses key issues of climate protection and related fields such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as their associated positive effects on economic performance. Two editions of the brochure were published by 2015, in both German and English.

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