Concept and production of the exhibition "Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation"

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The exhibition "Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation" was formally inaugurated by the German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Honorable Joschka Fischer in Berlin’s Foreign Office on 27 April 2005. About 500 invited experts and representatives of the diplomatic corps and civil society groups attended the opening. For the following two weeks, the exhibition was opened to the greater public. The exhibition visualises the dramatic impacts of global environmental change. It was conceived and realised by adelphi and Weltformat.

Using the subjects of water, climate, land, forests and minerals, the exhibition shows the way in which environmental degradation and resource scarcity lead to conflicts and new security threats as well as how environmental cooperation and sustainable development can contribute to peace and stability. This exhibition focuses on three questions: Why do changes in our natural environment threaten human security? Does the exploitation of natural resources lead to violent conflict? How can sustainable development and environmental cooperation contribute to stability and peace?

The aim of the exhibition is to foster an understanding for the topic among the interested public. Informative texts, pictures and charts convey to the visitor the complex content by giving specific examples. Video and audio features as well as interactive animations complement the picture walls.