Conceptual and methodological consulting for disaster preparedness in Guatemala

Central America

Regular droughts, storms, flooding, landslides and earthquakes: Central America is, after South-East Asia, the region most affected by natural disasters worldwide. adelphi is assisting Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Caritas International and their partners in the implementation of various projects to create awareness, educate and advise local communities in three districts in Guatemala. The goal is to improve disaster prevention with regards to local legislation and thereby to introduce measures that contribute towards disaster risk reduction.

In order to accomplish this goal, a toolbox with training and workshop material for community-based disaster preparedness is being developed as part of the project. These materials will help promote action-oriented implementation of risk analyses and the participative creation of community response plans, as well as offering customised methods for prioritising measures that aim to strengthen the resilience of the local population. Both DKH and Caritas International have already developed conceptual and content-based approaches and instruments for this purpose. These will be applied, expanded and customised for the project at hand. Furthermore, adelphi will oversee the analysis of the government authorities and institutions involved, as well as the relevant responsibilities and decision-making processes in the field of disaster preparedness, Furthermore, adelphi will also assist in the development of a joint monitoring concept. 

Publications of this project